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Community celebrates basement makeover

While there was no “move that bus” moment, joy bubbled over just the same. For the Chester family of nine, with one more on the way, a basement makeover made all the difference in their everyday lifestyle.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Northeast Georgia and the generosity of more than 30 donors, many of whom had no connection to the Chesters, the project unfolded beyond expectations for the grateful family.

After three weeks of intense labor and detailed coordination, volunteers from The Everyday Good, family, and friends joined Randy and Mackenzie Chester and their seven children, ages one to 13, for a reveal celebration on Jan. 31.

Adding 1000 square feet of finished space for living, learning,

and working expanded the way the family can gather, said Heather Burke-Cody, founder of TEG.

“This project was steeped in the love of Jesus through the service to this family,” Cody said. “It was bigger than just finishing a basement; we hoped to inspire this community to do good.”

Mackenzie Chester is adjusting to having more space to create and care for her family.

“I’ve never been able to see the sunrise from a window in my house without waking people,” Chester said. “I got to sit quietly in the basement this morning. I cannot get over the light. And the grace of God. And all the love. I can’t believe we get to live in this house.”

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