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About Us


It started with a feeling. 

She calls it a soul-pull.

Our founder, Heather Burke-Cody, didn’t plan to start a movement. She simply started looking around her for ways to help one another. She didn’t have to look too hard or too far to see the needs in her own community. She figured her hometown was a good place to start.

Heather lives in a rural town of blue-collared workers and kind-hearted people. The backdrop is dirt roads and chicken houses and old cars atop cinder blocks. These are your everyday good people who work in fields and factories and farms. The kind of people who tote babies and Bibles on the regular. The kind of people who drink a little beer on Saturday night, but never miss church on Sunday. The kind of people who still believe in family and faith. They double as church deacons and little league coaches. They wear cross necklaces around their neck and they’d give you the paint-splattered t-shirt right off their back. They value kinship and the cross. After-all, every day is a holy day for people who take communion with tire grease under their fingernails. 

These everyday good people are her people. 

She saw the need. Felt the soul-pull. And followed the feeling that maybe, just maybe, she could make a difference for a few. 

Her goal was to serve ten families. So she gathered a small group of friends and they began to work and think. Plan and pray. Word spread. Soon, others joined. Many others--school kids, young people, old people, doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers, city workers, lunchroom ladies. They all linked arms and filled an empty warehouse with Gifts for Good. They gave away everything from gift cards to a gas-guzzling pick-up truck. 

And just like that, ten families turned into a hundred. 

A feeling turned into a movement. A movement turned into a non-profit.

They named it The Everyday Good.

But that’s just the beginning of a really good story...



In a chaotic world of bad news and bad things and bad people, there is a Greater Good which exists. And It lives within each of us.

We’re everyday people looking for the everyday good in our everyday lives.

The only thing worth doing in this life, is what we do for one another. We all have the power to look for opportunities to be The Everyday Good through our words, stories, thoughts, actions, and deeds. Our calling is to see the good, find the good, and then be the good with the hope that all of us do-gooders can change the world in everyday good ways.


The Everyday Good Life Change Story