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Champion of Good

Allyson Lunsford is a local. Born and bred in a house off the banks of Grant Street in Clarkesville. She is one of us. And right now she could use a little help.

It’s actually fitting that she’s an art teacher. She colors everything and everybody she touches.

It’s a drab, cold, sterile exam room—yet there she sits—her smile swallows up tears— and suddenly the room turns rosy red and yellow.

She’s a magnet—pulling blue sky and liquid sun through plastic blinds. Streaks splatter like paint and all the other colors of the rainbow fill the room in twirling, sparkling kind of ways.

A flimsy paper gown drapes her shoulders and I can tell it’s covering a heavy secret somewhere underneath. Her hug is reminiscent of her mama’s hug—warm and encompassing—like a blanket straight out of the dryer.

She had big plans for turning 50. And none of them included cancer.

A normal person might have given up. Given in. But Allyson is not a normal person. She’s actually a Champion. And she did what good champions do—she laced up her boxing gloves and readied herself for the fight of her life.

My bet is on her.

C.S. Lewis says we are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.

So our goal is to celebrate this Champion of Good by offering a little help. She loves her yard and potted plants. The forsythia. Hydrangeas. The window boxes of green. The bulbs in clay pots. But fighting has made her tired. And sick. It’s stolen everything from hair to energy to appetite.

Good thing she’s got an army of fellow-fighter-folks in her corner. Let’s take this fight to her yard as we celebrate her!!!

The small things we do can make big difference. At the end of our lives, what we have done for Jesus and for each other is all that really matters.

Will YOU be a part of celebrating our very first Champion of Good, Allyson Lunsford??!!❤️🙌💥🙏🏻


576 Barron Drive

Clarkesville, GA 30523

Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 3:00pm

Respond below on way you might help and get involved! Love and thanks!!! Xoxo

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Hope all is well, and if not hopefully soon.


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