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A miracle on four wheels

A broken family and shattered dreams were never part of Lisa Cooley’s plan. She had big dreams and high hopes. But life veered sideways when addiction turned her life upside down.

Things went from bad to worse to unbearable.

Lisa lost custody of her children.

Her home.

Everything about her life seemed lost, broken, and unredeemable.

That is until Lisa Cooley found freedom. Or should we say Freedom Hill? It was a safe place of healing and restoration. It was there that she found friendship, accountability, and Jesus.

Days turned into months, and months into years. She graduated and became the House Mother. During this time, she experienced a freedom like no other. Freedom alone would have been enough. But along the way, she also found grace.

Grace Gate is a medical clinic in Habersham County. It serves the marginalized and underserved in our community. Lisa linked arms with Grace Gate through Freedom Hill and eventually became a member of the Board of Directors.

“When I first started going to Grace Gate as a client at Freedom Hill, Barbara [Blackwell] sat with me in the lobby and had genuine conversations about Christ,” Lisa said. “She planted a seed and continued to love me when I didn't want to receive it. Grace Gate provided me with continuous care and showed me the love of our Heavenly Father.”

That planted seed began to root. And out of the dirt sprang fresh life. Beautiful things were budding.

Lisa found a job cleaning for a church, which led to a full-time job cleaning homes. She reunited with her family and moved into a rental home. Everything broken seemed repaired, except for one tiny detail – dependable transportation.

Despite exhaustive efforts, her car was beyond redemption. And Lisa desperately depended on her vehicle to get to work.

Grace Gate reached out to The Everyday Good for help, and thanks to the local network of caring neighbors, miracles started to happen.

One friend knew of a potential car connection. She reached out. And this local saint offered her used car to the cause. A local family donated money to buy the car. A local tire shop made minor repairs for a nominal fee. A local business detailed the car for free.

“This community of local folks is the best,” said TEG founder Heather Burke-Cody.

“They are family. And in this case, they are synonymous with the hands and feet of Jesus. And who better to serve than one of our neighbors who need a little help.”

Under the canopy of falling leaves and rising balloons in the parking lot of Grace Gate, The Everyday Good surprised Lisa with a community-collaborative, good gift.

There were tears of joy, hallelujahs of praise, and a few selfies. Ms. Barbara shouted out, “Let’s name her Mabelle!” And Lisa agreed.

“This is who we are, but more importantly, this is who God is,” Heather added.

“When everything in life appears lost, broken, and unredeemable–look again,” Heather said. “A community and a creator are working for our good.”

Miracles still happen.

Welcome to the family, Mabelle.

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