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Community responds to student's need for vehicle

Samantha's story By: Emma Baxter

Samantha Herron, a recent high school graduate and student at North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville, was ready to step out in the world and make it her own.

Unfortunately, when Samantha’s car was wrecked, it made it impossible for her to get from school, work, and her family throughout the week. It was becoming too difficult to manage with chaotic schedules. Samantha was in deep need of transportation so she stepped out in boldness.

“Something in me was like trust God and reach out for help, and so I did,” Herron said.

After creating a post on social media as a simple cry for help and waiting for someone reply, through the witness of one person, Samantha was connected to The Everyday Good.

After a few messages, The Everyday Good took on the project to raise money to purchase Samantha a car. The community responded within 24 hours and the need was met on Samantha’s 18th birthday.

On Sept. 1, The Everyday Good presented Samantha with her own car. This became one of the biggest blessings that Samantha has ever received in her life.

“I can continue my education without having to stress about whether or not I will be able to make it to school,” Herron said.

Because of this gift, Samantha feels inspired to reach out to her community and make an impact in any way she can. Samantha and her mother love to give back to the community during the holidays.

“This year, we have decided to give dinner to those who may not receive/be able to get Thanksgiving dinners,” Herron said.

She also plans to start volunteering at the animal shelter during her free time.

“It is incredible that a need could ignite contagious love for giving back,” said Heather Burke-Cody, chair of The Everyday Good. “Samantha’s story is inspirational in her ability to put her full trust in the Lord; this is something that will leave a lasting impact on the whole community.”

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